In a land. In a world. One man. No, wait, TWO men. Actually, several men, manly, manly men, quest, fight, drink, sing, and chase wenches….

From the brotherhoods of the Realm of Brohan where men high-five and have drinking games, to the solitary lives on the frozen wastes of Mantarctica, where men show their manliness by living rough and off the land, to urbanity of county of Metrossex, where the men are into interior design and small cups of coffee, they come. To Quest.

And around them, the women. Ah, yes, the women. Strong, fierce, wilful and independent, and totally ignorant of the Ways of Man. They… just don’t understand. Sometimes a man just needs to save a Damsel in Distress to prove he’s a man, it ain’t anything sexist about it, it just… is.

So Men, drain your tankards, and draw your blades of steel, and

Let Us Quest!

Sweet Jebus, what is it?!

Kick-Ass Tales of Awesome

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